Horse in training

At Patrick Manintveld dressage stable you can go for training at any level. From making a saddle to training for the Grand Prix. Whether it is about solving a riding technical problem or training to a higher level in order to speed up a possible sale, it is all possible at dressage stable Patrick Manintveld. It is also possible to park your talented horse with us and let us compete. We would be happy to discuss your wishes and the options for your horse (s) in a personal conversation.

We are also happy to prepare your mare or stallion for testing.

Good preparation is important to present your horse as well as possible during a mare or stallion inspection. Together with you we will assess the horse so that we can determine the correct route to the inspection based on realistic expectations. The overall condition of the horse receives a lot of attention during training. Together with a feed specialist, blacksmith and physiotherapist, we ensure that the horse is in good condition, so that the horse can look good during the inspection.

At Dressage stable Patrick Manintveld the health and well-being of the horses comes first. In addition to the appropriate training for the horse under the saddle or in the step mill, the horses are given grazing daily or they can step outside and / or graze by the hand.

Dressage stable Patrick Manintveld has all facilities for both rider and horse.

Let us know if you want us to train your horse. But certainly also contact us if you want to buy or sell a good dressage horse.